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An Update in the Gothard Lawsuit and Urgent Need—Samantha Nelson

The January 10, 2019, hearing in Chicago resulted in the judge strongly validating the plaintiffs' experiences and their "objectively reasonable basis" for filing their lawsuit. He denied all of Gothard's sanctions against them for allegedly filing a "frivolous" lawsuit. February 11, 2019, was the deadline Gothard had to file any other motion after the evidentiary hearing ruling a month ago, and he chose the last day to do just that. He has filed a Motion to Reconsider, which means he is asking the judge to reconsider his ruling. But what it really does is extend his time for filing an appeal—which his spokesperson has strongly indicated he is heading toward.

The Plaintiffs involved have been advised to retain an appellate lawyer, who requires a $10,000 retainer fee, which is typical at this level. Their current attorneys cannot continue to represent them in the appellate system. The judge was thorough and articulate in his facts and decision and the plaintiffs feel confident that his ruling will stand. As this is the case, it appears that Gothard's main purpose in filing an appeal to his denied sanctions is to continue victimizing and causing his accusers financial and emotional distress. 

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